The core team at Intertrust Consulting is composed of professionals from a wide range of nationalities and backgrounds, with an emphasis on strong educational qualifications enhanced by experience and exposure to a wide variety of industries and businesses.

Our staff has extensive background experience with leading international consulting firms, financial advisors and brokers, aviation industry, multinational organizations etc.



heliAlexander Varvaressos MBA
As founder and Managing Partner of Intertrust Consulting, Mr. Varvaressos oversees the commercial and financial part as well as the marketing acivities of the Company and its clients. Mr. Varvaressos spent over twenty years in Austria with industry leaders in tourism, airline and consulting business with a strong emphasis on strategy, organization, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions etc. During this period, he served large and medium sized corporations in the financial services and tourism sector, as well as international trading and consumer goods.

Mr. Varvaressos has been involved in the rollout of a number of business developments in the CEE regions. He also has extensive work experience in Romania and the Republic of Moldova for European corporations seeking to invest and develop operations in those regions. This work included evaluation of market potential, establishment of Joint Ventures, acquisitions etc. Mr. Varvaressos holds an MBA in General Management from the Josef Schumpeter Institute – School of Applied Studies in Wels, Austria.

ClaudiaCutusClaudia Mihaela Cutus
As the Managing Director at Intertrust Consulting, Mrs. Cutus oversees engagements in a large number of diverse sectors.  She is also directly responsible for human resources and the real estate sector. Mrs. Cutus primary areas of focus are strategy consulting, market research, business analysis and international trade. Mrs. Cutus contributes with her experience in several sectors like financial, advertising and PR, distribution, retail, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. Mrs. Cutus key engagements at Intertrust Consulting include: strategy development, strategy advice and a number of assignments with leading corporates in the region in relation to business restructuring and process re-engineering.




Ing. Florin Doru Flestea
In his function as a Senior Consultant at Intertrust Consulting, Mr. Flestea oversees engagements in a large number of diverse sectors.  He is also responsible for business development activities and external relations management. Mr. Flestea’s primary areas of focus are logistics, international trade, project engineering, metals industry and the recycling sector. Mr. Flestea contributes with his vast experience in several industries including steel & metal working industry, maritime industry, technology, construction and the logistics sector. As an engineer, Mr. Flestea has extensive experience in the industrial & manufacturing field and the logistics & transport sector in the CEE Region and is a licensed engineer of the Maritime Academy from Constanta.