When will you become an Invetsitor?

Once upon a time a group of friends sat together talking about what kind of investments they would do if they had more money. At one point they realized that if they would put their money together they could do all the desired investments one by one, make nice profits and share their success. Abracadabra, Invetsy – The Investor Syndicate, was born!

Invetsy stands for:

I – Invest Intelligent

N – Negotiated Assets

V – Venture Capital

E – Easy Access

T – Transparent Management

S – Safe Returns

Y – Yearly Dividends

Invetsy will allow a limited number of investors to buy shares (Yes, real registered shares, no tokens or participation certificates – The classical way!). Joining us will be possible in convenient packages ranging from 500 EUR to 5000 EUR. For bigger amounts we will engage in individual negotiations with the investor.

At first a minimum capital will be raised to start trading mainly foreclosures and opportunities in real estate. Buying and selling property at a fast pace with good profits. You will be able, by accessing your personal back-office, to verify each project, project status and final financial result. At the end you will receive dividends from all the results the company made over the year.

Furthermore you can grant fixed term shareholder loans. By creating greater leverage this will help to boost project frequency and speed. It is also perfectly legal to pay you interest on your loan, typically well above market values.

Later on we will also allocate funds for other investment types, venture capital and startup seed funding. Continuing real estate business will set off any potential risk of losses, setting the company on a profit frenzy.

Invetsy also lets you bring your own projects, be it real estate, an investment you plan or a great idea you wish to start up. We cannot guarantee you funding of your idea (only the best will make it) but. In collaboration with Intertrust Consulting, we can pitch your project to our network of investment funds and business angels and represent you in your efforts.

Contact us now if you want to be an early Invetsitor. We reserved some golden spots for you!
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