India is currently the fastest growing economy in the world and a strategic partner for the EU, representing a sizable and dynamic market of 1.25 billion people. Trade negotiations between the EU and India are underway with the target to easy access to markets further. At this point the EU is India’s largest trading partner and on the other side India is accounting for the 9th place in trade relations with the EU. Trade in services rose almost three-fold during the last decade.

In respect of this tremendous growth potential Intertrust Consulting has signed an exclusive collaboration agreement with Advanced Business Management Services ( based in Ahmedabad, India, for the assistance with projects and clients which wish to access either market. Both companies have a long-lasting track record of projects and achievements connecting clients from various cultural backgrounds and mentalities.

In already one major ongoing project we succeeded to connect an Indian manufacturer and distributor to a number of European counterparts and advanced negotiations are under way. Intertrust Consulting will seek to target European companies which have interests in the Indian market. Our wide range of services include establishing your company, representation or distribution on Indian soil, identifying export opportunities or the production and import of goods and services. We are able to do business matchmaking according to your needs in all of India and many other Asian countries with the help of our partners.

A complete press release will be available soon for distribution.